Messina Tour + Sea


Description Messina Tour:
The bus terminal is in Piazza Duomo, the most important square of Messina, where the Cathedral stands and where the majority of tourists and cruise passengers gather, every day at 12.00 o’clock, to admire the animate clock on the bell tower, which is considered the largest and most complex mechanical and astronomical clock of the world.

After leaving the terminal the Tour continues along via Garibaldi until it reaches the seafront of the Port and the well-known Passeggiata a Mare, where there is a wonderful view, described by Omero as the place of “Scilla and Cariddi”. After skirting the coast, the Tour will return to the city center.

Different stops allow the visitors to reach easily the Vittorio Emanuele Theatre, the lovely Villa Mazzini (where it is sited the Municipal Aquarium, with 22 display fish tanks with more than 60 different fish species of the Mediterranean sea), and finally the Regional Museum with works of Caravaggio, Antonello da Messina, Girolamo Alibrandi and other famous painters and sculptors who were the prominent names of the artistic culture of Messina. It is also possible to reach the beautiful Shrine of Cristo Re, built on a small hill on the ruins of the Matagrifone Castle, where one of the Towers of this last one still exists. From the terrace in front of the Shrine it is possible to enjoy an incomparable landscape of the Strait and the city, and for this reason this is one of the most requested destinations among the tourists.

Description Sea Tour:
The shuttle leaves from the bus stop Regional Museum and its destinations are the coast and the beaches of Messina.
Some stops are planned at shores and beaches.

Price: € 18.